our team

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director of guest experience + lead facilitator


Yera is the Founder, Manager of Guest Experience, Facilitator and Host of Santiago Guest House. She’s been in the travel industry for 16+ years. Her parents (listed below) own a chain of travel agencies between Boston + DR and has been working with them ever since she can remember. She went to UMass Amherst for Hospitality + Tourism Management and now teaches yoga and leads wellness retreats all over the US and at our Guest House. Yeradmi oversees all of the guest house bookings and is here to accommodate all of your needs whether it be a special event, trip or meditation class.



Problem Solver + Culinary Specialist


Creative Assistant + Culinary Specialist 

With a background in education and public service, Jelisa's various roles have always involved helping humanity grow. In 2015 her life took a turn for the best, as she traded concrete buildings and inner city hustle & bustle for white sand beaches and island life. Living near the ocean has taught her how to slow down, take time for reflection and introspection and to enjoy life’s small moments. After 4 years of traveling she is certain that, in life there are no problems, only experiences. Whether she is teaching yoga, facilitating a workshop, making your next meal or putting out fires; Jelisa leads with curiosity and an open heart. She is constantly finding new ways to be of service. Onward. 


Owner + General manager


Ana is the founder + pioneer of Fernandez Travel Agency Inc. and Boston Travel & Tours -- which is what ultimately inspired the idea of the Guest House. With almost 30 years of experience in the field, she is always excited and willing to accommodate our guests by making sure their travel needs are met. She’s the lady you want to speak to for flights to/from Santiago especially for groups and/or any special travel accommodations.


Owner + Director of Maintenance


Jorge is also the General Manager at both Fernandez Travel Agency + Boston Travel & Tours. He oversees that the house runs properly from electricity, to plumbing, to ACs as well as the gardening. His attention to detail is what helps keep the house functioning at its best. He’s inspired by all who visit and is ready to share his favorite places on the island.



Head of Housekeeping


Rosa has been our amazing housekeeper for about 3 years now. She is the reason the house is sparkling clean and smelling fresh. Depending on the length and reason for your stay, Rosa supports us by keeping bathrooms clean, fresh towels available and that you have everything you need to feel comfortable. Her intention is to see our guests happy and enjoying themselves.



Welcome CommitteE


Suranis is here to help greet you when the rest of the gang is not available. She is our office manager and is ready to help in any way possible.